Saturday, March 25, 2017


OCS - BEYOND THE RHINE (First month of action)
     I had distinct ideas in mind for each side when I started this game of Beyond the Rhine. For the Americans, I would try to dislodge the Germans through maneuver alone, without fighting. For the Germans, I would look for opportunities to counterattack. For each side, I would be as aggressive as possible, since that is simply a winning strategy in most wargames. Make your opponent uncomfortable is my credo.
     The American strategy worked well. The Germans...not so much. Counterattacking just got them in trouble. A better strategy would be to defend everywhere shoulder-to-shoulder. Without ZOCs, it is just too easy to exploit every defensive weakness in this game. Overall, I find that it is easier to attack than to defend. Defending in OCS requires a greater adjustment to one's thinking, I believe. This adjustment has come a little late for the Germans, with disastrous results.
The Thionville Corridor after the advance of the US 5th AD.
In the center, the German 3rd PzGren Div has surrounded a US Tank Bn..
In the south, the US is opposed by the German 11th Pz Div.
A German counterattack in the Thionville Corridor, while appearing initially successful, only results in the better part of a Panzer division cut off with little hope of escape. The American 5th AD found the weak spot in the defense and makes for open country near Thionville.
The US rights the ship in the center.
The French 1st AD crashes through the German defenses around Dijon. Give 'em the ol' mustard, boys!
Overview. I really want to play the full campaign. This is half!
American infantry splits the defense in two. Germans will have to pull back and establish a new line.
Germans out of supply and ready to roll for attrition. Bad news!
The southern front.
The US noose tightens.
10th armored breaks through near Metz. More trouble for Jerry.
Dijon falls and the French "Gray Poupons" advance, aka "French's Armored Division." Ugh! More mustard jokes. "Helman's on Wheels!" Stop!
Another overview.
The Germans try to organize a defense in the south.

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