Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Beyond the Rhine Planning
     I've just set up the 2-map Beyond the Rhine campaign, "Fall of '44 (Patton)." BTR is one of the latest entries in the Operational Combat Series from The Gamers. It's a tough game system. Not tough in that it's hard to learn or play; but tough in that it requires lots of planning.
     So I set the game up and spent an hour or so preparing for the American player's first move. Because everything you do requires supply, there's less winging it in this game than in most others. You need to plan carefully every step of the way.
     To help me, I've created a simple little orders sheet so I can keep all my opening moves straight and see how all my supply points are coming and going. It's just easier for me to have it all written down.

     When it comes time to actually playing the game, things should go pretty smoothly. I'll do this again for the German player on his turn. For the Americans, though, I've got two infantry attacks planned for Turn 1 and a major move by the 5th Armored Division.

     (I'm playing with the map turned upside down. The bottom of the map in the picture above is north.) The red lines show my planned moves. The two infantry divisions will cover the area between Sedan and the 5th AD's position.

     At the other end of the map, my one supply truck is going to pick up some supply and ship it to my reinforcements, then go back to Verdun for some more. The 35th ID will launch an attack (green arrow) and the 12th Corp HQ will set up shop somewhere in that neighborhood while I prepare a supply dump at Saint Dizier (circled in red).  Or thereabouts.
     I'm still up in the air about some things. That infantry division outside of Verdun, for example. Should it go north or south. I dunno. I'll save that move for last and see how things look then. It's using "Leg" movement points so doesn't require supply. It basically moves for free, so I guess I'll just be winging it, after all.

     Here's a closeup of the Sedan area, with proposed moves. From the German standpoint, the understrength Panzer Lehr Division's gotta think the 5th AD is looking to exploit through the city once it is taken by the infantry. In fact, that was my original plan. But then I started looking around for brasher ideas. I don't want to get bogged down in those woods. The weak link of this plan is that infantry division. I have it taking the first city, then taking Sedan -- and that might be asking too much.

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