Tuesday, March 7, 2017


     Good news and bad news for the Americans this turn.
     The bad news is that the 90 ID's attack failed. It was going up against a good German infantry unit (7 STR, 4 AR). During the Movement Phase, this unit was DGd by US air units, making it a 4 STR unit, 3AR. But the Reaction Phase saw a strong German panzer brigade move into the hex (12STR, 4AR). Not wanting to call off the attack, the US player bombarded the hex for 3T supply, DGing the panzers, too. Still, that was enough to tip the balance in the German's favor.
     The attack went in thus:
     German: 7x.5 (DG) + 12x.5(DG)x.5 (hvy woods) = 7
     American: 24
     Total: 3:1 in Very Close Terrain.
     Result: AL1o1/Do1.
     The American player took the mandatory step loss and retreated.
     Time for Plan B -- otherwise known as "The Good News." The 5th Armored Division had been  put in "Reserve" in order to -- optimistically, as it turned out -- exploit the 90th's success. Instead, seeing as how there was no success, the 5AD raced through a hole in the Maginot Line defenses. The red arrows show moves for the current turn, while the blue arrows show proposed moves for next turn. (That's the other good news -- the US player won initiative and now can immediately take another turn!)

     The German units I've outlined in blue are soon to be "in the bag." Under the DG counter are two powerful high-quality 4AR German units, one infantry, the other armored. They have no choice but to attempt to bug out. I probably should have canceled the infantry attack altogether and saved 2 SP.
     The US supply line is tenuous, but for now the coming turn looks solid.

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