Thursday, April 6, 2017


     I decided to give "End of Empire" another chance. So I re-started the French & Indian War scenario (the main one, a one-mapper). I got to 1757 and decided to call it quits.
     The game has beautiful components and demands to be played. But it's just too simple. It looks good in pictures. The strategic situation looks intriguing. The game should be awesome. But it just isn't. I can see where it might be a fun diversion for a couple of guys on a Saturday afternoon (I think you could probably play the entire F&I War in a single session), but as a solo game, there's just no "there" there. It's a little like what playing Risk solo might be like. I just conquered Ukraine. But so what? Here, it's "I just invaded Nova Scotia. Wake me when something interesting happens."

The three main "theaters" of action in my game. The frontier campaigns against Forts Pitt, Frontenac and Niagara have knocked the Indians out of the war. The English want to invade Nova Scotia, but the French fleet denies them. They tried once earlier and were repulsed. The game photographs better than it plays.
The French have a firm grasp of Nova Scotia.
British forces mass in New York awaiting the appearance of the fleet.
The Montreal front. Montcalm makes the place unassailable - at least for now.
A little closer look. 
British dawdling (failing initiative rolls) has allowed the French to reinforce Frontenac.
Braddock is master of the frontier. Outnumbered 10:1, Niagara will fall very shortly. The Indians have been taken out of the war. Sounds sort of exciting, doesn't it? It's not really...

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