Thursday, April 6, 2017


     This scenario has started off much better than the last one, that's for sure. Tough strategic decision for the French right off the bat.
     General Dieskau and 26 total SP of inf/art spread over 6 units arrives on turn 1 via sea transport. That means you can place him in any friendly port. A defensive-minded player -- and probably a wise player -- would drop him in Quebec (circled on the map). I wanted to ensure lots of action, though, so I landed him in Nova Scotia instead. (2)3SP inf/art units occupy the French ports on the north and south coasts, while Diesku and 20 SP attack Halifax. The British failed on their turn to reinforce the city, and failed again to React during the French move. Diesku takes Halifax easily for the loss of 1 step.
     The British now have no overseas supply capability (per special rule regarding Halifax) and, once the French take Grand Pre (2 hexes to the north of Halifax), the Brits will have to retake Nova Scotia to fulfill their victory conditions, certainly a time-consuming proposition, if nothing else.
     Of course, victory is that much closer in Canada, though. Hopefully, for the French, the conquest of Nova Scotia will go quickly and he can move Diesku to Quebec ASAP.
     For the British, Gov Shirley marches north and takes Crown Point. He probably won't be able to go much farther than that, though. You really need 4:1 odds when attacking forts, and he just doesn't have the strength to go after Montreal.
     Off the map to the west, General Braddock failed his initiative roll and does not march on Duquesne as planned. Students of history will count him lucky.  
     The British would like to take Oswego, too, for Indian recruitment purposes. But that will have to wait. The Oneida will certainly pay for burning Fort Stanwix.
    This one's off to a good start.

The arrows show the offensive action. Quebec City is circled in French blue. It might have been wiser for Diesku to land there. In the west, another circle shows where I'm using a Blaze counter from Squad Leader to depict a destroyed outpost. This is from Earl Dixon's Indian house rules. Thanks, Earl!

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