Thursday, April 6, 2017


     A devastating turn for the Germans. The dice rolls couldn't have been better for the Russians....or worse for the Germans.
     The infantry battle in the center of the map features Russian first line units (4-4-7s) vs German SS units (6-5-8), yet it is the Russians who come out on top -- mainly thanks to a run of IFT rolls of 5 or less (4 of them, IIRC). That's bad enough, but the German rolled 11s on his MCs. Two of them.
     The Russian tank behind the wall leads a charmed life. The German tank on the hill hit it at least 3 times. However, each "hit" was considered a hull hit. Since the Russian is behind a wall, hull hits count as misses. The German tank was lucky, too. Return fire from the T-34 merely immobilized it. The next shot will probably take it out altogether.
     Meanwhile, two Russian tanks race unhindered around the German left flank.
     Worst of all for Jerry, however, was that he lost his Panther, his ace in the hole. Here, the German luck couldn't have gotten any worse. After surviving a Close Combat assault in the road by a Russian 6-2-8 squad, the Panther trundled down the road on the trail of two Russian T-34s, whose main armament can barely scratch the Panther's heavy armor.

      The Panther comes into view around the edge of the woods. The first T-34 turns its turret and fires. A miss, but it retains ROF. Confident that the T-34 can't touch it, the Panther calmly spends a MP to stop. The T-34 fires again. SNAKE EYES! A critical hit. The Panther is reduced to a burning wreck.
     In essence, game over.
     The only good thing to happen to the German this turn was a Panzerschreck kill of a T-34 in the road and a quick reaction by the German infantry to the Russian infantry advance over the hill.
     But without any way to take out the Russian tanks, I think it's game over. When the German truck convoy arrives next turn, it'll be a turkey shoot.
     Fun scenario.

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