Thursday, April 6, 2017


     Lots of action so far in my Tunisia game. I made a couple of false starts, so this is actually my third game -- and my second attempt at the Campaign. OCS gives you a lot to think about and experience is really the only reliable way to learn.
     I was too aggressive, on both sides, in my first play-throughs. To play this game well, you have to understand how the various movement phases work in relation to one another. You should always have units in reserve, for example. It's easy to get too aggressive. You need to pay close attention to ZOCs because, while you can move through them rather easily, you can't retreat through them. This can cause an over-aggressive player no end of grief if  he's not paying close attention.
     For this playing, I went way more conservative. I'm keeping reserves whenever possible, I'm building up supplies, I'm deploying artillery. In short, I'm trying to think beyond the upcoming combat phase and that can be quite a challenge.
     Anyway, on to the game. The picture below is of the November 29th turn, the first turn that saw any real action for both sides. The Germans kicked things off with a an overrun attack through the Tebourba Gap by a battalion of Tiger tanks. This was followed up by an Exploitation move by some Italian assault guns. The end result: The once-promising Allied position opposite Medjez El Bab completely falls apart. Three British battalions -- including one armored and one arty -- bite the dust, making the position untenable. The Brits have no choice but to fall back. They retreat into an area of Low Hills where the German panzers don't have such an advantage.
     Meanwhile, the US 1st Armored Division deploys to guard its flanks and will threaten the flank of the panzers if they strike out after the British. To take some of the heat off, the 78th Inf Divsion, with the help of some paratroopers, launch an attack on some Italian marines holding a river crossing on the road leading to Bizerte. This will require some attention by the Germans.
     Most of the 10th Pz Division arrives next turn. Lots of options for them, but the Medjez El Bab area looks the most promising. The panzers can do some damage, but they have to be careful not to push too hard.

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