Thursday, April 6, 2017


     The game room's been hopping lately.
     First of all, after suffering through King George's War in End of Empire, I started the French & Indian War with high hopes. A successful French invasion of Nova Scotia was a promising start. But then the game bogged down. I finally packed it up entirely. I'm ready to draw some conclusions about End of Empire.

An extremely attractive game fails to conceal one little problem....
     It's boring as hell.
     The British ended up launching a low-odds attack on Montreal -- just for something to do. Otherwise, it was looking like a Mexican stand-off on the Canadian border.
     The problem is, the game is just too simple. Maybe what it needs is a more detailed treatment of politics and/or logistics to keep it interesting. Maybe a more detailed Indian/frontier war treatment would help, too. I dunno. As it is, it all seems a little too simple and, ultimately, a little pointless.

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