Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Operation Mercury: GT1

     It's just after the Axis Movement Phase of Game Turn 2. Turn 1 saw the paradrops at Heraklion and Maleme. The Germans lost 17 steps altogether, including an HQ in the Maleme region. A replacement HQ is now in play, but it has a command range of 0. That'll be tough-sledding. Without an HQ to coordinate combats, a side rolls a 1D10 against a command value of 3. Not good odds.
     The Commonwealth player lost 7 steps of ground units and had one light cruiser damaged by Stukas.
     Turn 2 saw the paradrops at Reitmo. The Germans lost 3 steps here, including their HQ which landed in the sea. On the bright side, Stukas sunk a CL and a DD. A convoy with DD escort left Athens during the Naval Phase as well. The convoy at Milos stayed put, though. Being intercepted by the Brits at sea is suicide. I'll let the Luftwaffe work them over a little before shoving off.
     In the combat phase this turn, the Germans will try to consolidate their forces. Chances are good that they will capture Maleme airfield. Then the idea is to form a perimeter around it and begin shipping reinforcements in by airlanding.

Maleme airfield is to the left, where all the Germans are.
Reitmo. Some paratroops were dispersed upon landing. The HQ landed in the sea, so these guys are on their own.
Heraklion: The weakest sector for the Germans. This is where I'd like to make an amphibious landing. But it's the hardest area to reach by sea. I'll probably have to land around Maleme -- if the convoys make it to Crete at all.

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