Friday, May 19, 2017


     Some highlights of my most recent game of Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov.

Overview of the early action.
Dneprovsk (sp?) area. Unit under the "Out of Supply" markers are German. Under the "Emergency" markers are Russians. The Out-of-Supply side has cut off the Emergency side. An emergency indeed! The Russians tend to surrender when cut off.
Kherson area. The city is surrounded. Russian divisions watch helplessly from the south side of the river.
Cherkassy. The Germans attacked here fast and hard, moving right to the gates of the city before the Soviets knew what hit them. A single armored train unit defends the RR bridge.
Soviets put up a pontoon bridge to save the defenders. They attack but fail to dislodge the Germans.

Kherson taken! A German recon unit crosses a bridge in the east. The Soviets end up destroying it -- from the German side! For the Motherland!
Fuel shortages hamper the German offensive.
Both bridges at Cherkassy are captured intact!

A later overview.
Germans and Romanians cross the Dneiper!
The German bridgehead at Cherkassy. Looks like a breakout is imminent. Don't count on it.
Reinforcements arrive in the north. Another front, another stalemate.
Eventually, this will be the Kiev Pocket.
     This is a pretty slow-moving affair. The game inches forward one hex at a time. A single turn (German and Soviet player turns combined) took me about 4 hours. That's a lot of work for very little gain. I'm starting to get some mud turns now, too. This is a good, quality game, but life's too short, folks. I think I've played this game more than all my others combined. At this point, though, I'm played out. I cancelled my pre-orders on the new edition(s). I still have Crimea to play. I think that'll about do me for the East Front series.
     Pros: High quality production. Great, clean rules. A complex and deeply immersive experience.
     Cons: Slow, slow, slow. Two-day turns should be 4 or 5. 1D10 makes combat results virtually random. Horrid player community (what else is new?).
     See the "Game Ratings" for my final thoughts.

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