Saturday, June 24, 2017


Shevardino 6pm-8pm
     Lots of action to report in my La Bataille de la Moscowa game. Looks like it's going to come down to the wire. (Incidentally, "Le Terrible" is the nickname of the French 57th Regiment, 5th Division. This name might have two meanings, since they routed earlier in the battle!)

Pic #1: Lads, Follow Me Forward!
1: Lads, Follow Me Forward! Under a hail of canister fire, General Compans leads a regiment of the 5th division up the slopes of Dornino Hill  and evict the Russians at the point of their bayonets. Compans leads by example. If not for his +3 melee modifier, the lads never would have had the courage to close. The yellow arrow shows from where Major General Dimitri Petrovich Neverosky's VIII Corps will avenge their fellows. French 1st and 2nd Divisions prepare to launch their own attacks (blue arrows). (Note the single Russian battalion holds up the advance of the entire 5th Division.)

Pic #2: Saber Dance
2: Saber Dance Our old friend, General Panchulidzev leads his dragoons against the 1st Division's left flank. The Chernigov Dragoons are turned back by desperate canister fire (rolling an 11 on a 4-1 attack). The Kharkov Dragoons, led by the general himself, slices through the French line, spoiling their planned assault. But they take musket fire every step of the way. On the Russian left, Neverosky leads the Simbirsk Infantry back onto Dornino Hill. The French waver and then flee when news of Compans' death spreads through the columns! (Mortal head wound!)

Pic #3: Lancing the Russian Boil
3: Lancing the Russian Boil The General de brigade Alexandre-Louis-Robert comte de Girardin d'Ermenonville leads his 1st Brigade de Cavalerie Legere against Panchulidzev's exhausted horse. The Polish Uhlans catch them in a gully, charging them with lances and forcing their surrender. Meanwhile, Krasinski's Polish infantry brigade finally breaks through the Russian skirmish line. Now leaderless, the 5th Division awaits Compans' replacement, Jean-Louis Romeuf, Marshal Davout's ADC.

Pic #4: Hurrah!
4: Hurrah! The French attack with three divisions. On the left, General Louis Friant's 2nd Division goes up against the elite 2nd Grenadier Division, led by Major General Prince Karl August von Mecklenburg-Schwerin. In the center, General de division Charles-Antoine-Louie-Alexis Morand, comte de l'Empire leads his 1st Division against the Grenadiers extended left. Having assumed command, Romeuf leads the 5th back into the fray. Hurrah!

Pic #5: Desperate and Savage Fighting

5: Desperate and Savage Fighting The French 2nd Division collapses both flanks of the Russian grenadiers but are repulsed with heavy loss in the center. Mecklenburg's reserve battalions await. In the center, the Russian grenadiers grudgingly cede ground. Mixed results for the 5th. Dornino Hill holds for the Russians but a French assault pierces the line. Their impetus takes them right to the threshold of the redoubt itself. Yellow shows the Russian reserve cavalry. Those are cuirassiers at the top of the picture, melee value 44 -- each.

     Six turns left and it's still anybody's ballgame. It looks like the French will get both victory villages (Sheverdino and Dornino) but taking the redoubt ain't going to be easy. Darkness falls at 8pm. Oh, and those thundering hoofbeats you hear reaching a crescendo out of the gloom? The stuff of nightmares, man!

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