Saturday, July 22, 2017


     One of the wonders of the age we live in is the brave new world of parcel tracking. I ordered a couple of items from NWS about 2 weeks ago only to wake up this morning to see that my package was "out for delivery." Ah, those three magical words! Ever since then, I've been busy preparing my game room for the new arrival. And here's the little bundle of joy now!

The 4 Rs in situ.
      I have a lot of gaming to do, but I couldn't resist these. In the case of Redvers' Reverse, the obscurity of the topic is what got me. The fact that it is a solitaire game is icing on any already awesome cake.
     As for Revolution Road, check out the video I linked to in a previous post. People this enthusiastic about their product just have to be supported. I'm happy to do it! The producers also invoked David Hackett Fisher's Paul Revere's Ride, one of my favorite books. I won't hold it against them that they also recommended Nathaniel Philbrick -- this time. Makes me wonder. That's a pretty big lapse of judgment there, boys.
     In the gaming world, I'm looking for new blood. And this is exactly what I got. This will be my first experience with Legion -- and, if RevRoad proves not so good, my last with Compass. My previous Compasses include End of Empire (3 out of 10); On to Paris (1 out of 10);and Fornovo (1 out of 10). I have bought -- but have yet to try -- Saipan, the Bloody Rock. But looking at the errata on ConsimWorld does not fill me with confidence.
     Anyway, this is meant to be a joyous occasion, so let's be positive, shall we? Oh, yes, let's!

     Revolutionary Road

     I mean Revolution Road, the Compass Games' "Shot-Heard-Round-the-World/Don't-Shoot-Till-You-See-The-Whites-Of-Their-Eyes" double header, and not the shitty Richard Yates novel, which he more or less rewrote verbatim some years later, calling it The Easter Parade. Sometimes a guy has only one idea....Oops, digression alert! 
     Anyway, Revolution Road is actually two-two two-games-in-one! Each has its own map and rulebook. It also has the most adorable dice bag and dice I've yet seen in a game. 

The dice in their little bag are just darling! The game with the lid off: cards, Bunker Hill rulebook, adorable dice, Compass catalog. Compass is known for their high production values. This game is no different.
      Compass makes a great first impression. I can't wait to play these games. What's more, they come with solitaire rules -- and solitaire AI for both sides (which they refer to as the British Bot and the American Bot.)

Two games in one. One countersheet, a shitload of player aid cards, and 2 rulebooks. Wow! Awesome first impression. (Fornovo made an awesome first impression, too. So did End of Empire. So did On to Paris! One must learn to temper one's enthusiasm.)

      Redvers' Reverse

     I'm assuming this game is about some guy named Redvers for whom things don't go quite so well. But I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. But I do know it is a game covering the Battle of Coleso, 1899, a  Boer War action. (This is the same year both of my grandsires were born. Neither is still with us, obviously. But it's curious how extended back in time we all are...Just a thought.) 
     Legion Wargames does not share the lavish Compass Games' production values. But it's close. Real close. Only the B&W rulebook sets them apart. What the game includes are a wonderful map and truly giant-sized counters, maybe 3/4" or more. (After having set up La Bataille de la Moscowa on my table, I can really really [that's 2xreallies] appreciate the big counters. My old eyes thank you, too.) The game appears to be solitaire only.  And that's good, since I am also solitaire only.
     What I love about what I've seen so far of Legion Wargames is the obscurity of the subject matter of their games. If I'd been paying closer attention, The Battle of Tanga, 1914 would have been in this box, too. If Redvers turns out good, we'll be shrinking the rip-rap off of Tanga next for sure. (I mean ripping the shrink-wrap. I got ahead of myself there. Shrink-wrap and rip-rap are different things entirely. Shrink-wrap is where you find awesome games lurking. Rip-rap is where you find awesome largemouth bass lurking. Why I remember one spot...Oops, digression alert!!!) 

If Legion performs well here, it will have earned a permanent place in my obscure-battle-loving heart!

      Total Immersion

     I like to immerse myself in the games I play. That means reading books. I've already read Paul Revere's Ride. (Early in the book, we learn that Mr. Revere wrote the word "marsh" as "mash." It's like having his voice tape recorded! I suspect his night ride to Concord would have gone quicker if he hadn't left his khakis in the pocket of  his khakis!) 
      For Redvers' Reverse, I picked up this (.99-cents for Kindle): 

A memoir of the Boer War. Mr. Reitz regrets going to war.
     For Revolution Road, I picked up this (.99 for Kindle -- don't let some 21st century charlatan sell you a "sensitively edited" version for $15.99):

A memoir of the Revolutionary War. Mr. Martin regrets going to war. See a pattern developing here?
        Keep an eye on My Daily Dragoon for play-throughs of both of these games.


  1. Looks like a great purchase. I'm looking forward to finding out how it goes.

  2. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for reading!