Friday, August 4, 2017


     No more screwing around. This time, I mean business!
     La Bataille de la Moscowa on one table, Advanced Squad Leader on another. And even though I just bought Revolution Road and Redvers' Reverse, I have a feeling another newcomer will soon occupy the third: 1914, Twilight in the East.

On Table 1: La Bat. I'm still working through the Shevardino scenario. Huge amount of play value in this package.
     I like La Bat more every time I play it. The rules are what wargame rules should be. They don't force you into historic tactics. Rather, they encourage you to use them; i.e., you're a fool if you don't. Many games I've played lately simply dictate this or that. This happens. Period. Why? Shut up! It just does. By the way, you're banned.
     For example, in Washington's Crossing (not to just pick on this game, of course), Rall suffers surprise automatically when Washington makes his attack. Yawn! I think we can do better, fellas. I expect better.
     That's one of the reasons I've deployed the A-team this weekend. I want to play some games that I know deliver. These two are proven winners.

On Table 2: Advanced Squad Leader. "War of the Corporals," a scenario I downloaded from the net. The boards are from Beyond Valor and counters from the original Yanks
     Besides my beloved rulebook, all that was left of my original ASL collection were American counters from Yanks and British counters from West of Alamein. I repurchased the original BV ( before I even knew there was an updated one -- d'oh!) and downloaded a bunch of new and old scenarios from the internet. I just put in an order from MMP for mapboards 1-6, so I should be up and playing some of those old classics in no time.

What is left of my ASL stash. American and British armies in sandwich bags inside a shoe box. The light! It burns! It burns! The boys have been waiting thirty years for this moment.  
Here's a pic of a page from Chapter E that came with Yanks. It's all gliders, and paratroops, and air support and rubber boats and a bunch of other stuff I never used. Look at the page here: it's in totally mint condition. The little-used counters too. The bag they're stored in still has counter chaff inside. LOL! 
     I've only played a couple turns of "War of the Corporals" and the narrative is already strong and engaging. The first turn a German HMG and a 80mm Mortar broke down. The Yanks are rapidly advancing and Jerry's cussing up a schnitzelstorm trying get them fixed.
     The unknown this weekend is 1914, Twilight in the East. I will make no snap judgments. But it's giving me that "play-me" look. Brazen hussy!

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